CJ Ramone is back with a new song and a new album. The former Ramones bassist has seen success as a solo artist since his time with the Ramones and is gearing up for his third release on Fat Wreck. In preparation, he has debuted the new song “Blue Skies”.

Titled The Holy Spell, the new album is due for release May 10th. The title of the record is in part, a salute to CJ’s love for music- an undying one;

“I never lost that magical feeling that you get from music, and that’s where the title came in. The bands that I listened to when I was young that I really enjoyed, I can still put that music on now, and it still has the same magic for me.”

True love never dies as they say, and CJ Ramone has shown that his true love is the music he’s been making for decades. The Holy Spell, rocking with that punk spirit but oozing Ramonesesque melodies, is no different.

Check out the fantastic track “Blue Skies”: