Chamberlain and “Some Other Sky”


Americana-influenced indie rock band Chamberlain have returned to release the new single “Some Other Sky”, the band’s first release since the 2010 single “Raise It High”.

Chamberlain first came to prominence as post-hardcore band Split Lip, before reverting to the Chamberlain name and releasing the magnificent The Moon My Saddle on Doghouse Records in 1998. The band released another full length, the underrated Exit 263, and a collections album, before calling time in the early 2000s.

We spoke to David Moore, vocalist for Chamberlain back in 2002(!), not too long after they had wrapped up their initial run. It is one of our fondest interviews and we recommend you checking it out and reading up on a little Chamberlain history.

“Some Other Sky” picks up where “Raise it High” left off, painting the lush American sounds the band are known for. The single is paired with the B-side “Street Singer”, a reworked version of the song that appeared on their debut (and Split Lip album) Fate’s Got a Driver. David Moore has a distinct voice, and paired with the songwriting of Adam Rubenstein, “Some Other Sky” is trademark Chamberlain. The song is a warm embrace returning from a cold, cold winter.

Listen to “Some Other Sky”: