Covert Affairs: When Bad Television is Good Television

Summer fare rarely pushes deeper than the immediate surface. With Perabo proving the goods however, Covert Affairs has been the perfect antidote to television doldrums.

Why American television needs John Luther

John Luther is not a man of great style, he is not a hero, he is not a soldier, and although he is a...

CANCELLED: The Best TV Shows That Barely Found The Airwaves

The art form of television has become a near integral part of almost every person’s life. It fills nearly every mid-conversational...

TV Bad: Did We Evolve From Primates?

Why do we watch mind-numbingly dumb television?

Feels Like Home: An interview with Adam Fields

What also made Dawson’s Creek stand out, was its use of music. Each scene seemed to have the perfect song to go along with it. A large part of that was due to Adam Fields

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