On-Demand TV: Why Big Name Actors Are Flooding To The Small Screen

So long as television has the ability to offer really meaty roles with deep characterisation and long-term plotting, actors will be drawn to it.

Is Almost Human the best new show on TV already?

Don't screw this up FOX.

Why aren't we watching The Michael J. Fox Show?

Shortcomings aside, The Michael J. Fox Show has Michael J. Fox, and that should be enough reason to watch this show.

Our Friends in the North: The Rise of Nordic Noir

It’s safe to say that the last few years have seen a steady rise in what can only be described as a worldwide fascination with Scandinavian drama.

Swimming Upstream: The Rise of Netflix and the Fall of Scheduled Television

It wouldn’t be totally surprising to eventually find a Netflix that no longer targets the streaming of older content, and instead focuses purely on its own programming.

Online Video Killed the TV Star

It may be no surprise to most that TV has taken a bit of backseat in recent years; though what should be a surprise is the 50% decline in TV viewership since 2002

Furious George

The curious case of Furious George and the cooking show.

In Defence of AMC’s The Killing

I’m here to defend The Killing and the way it ended.

Nikita: The New Femme Fatale

Good enough that even fans of the original may like it.

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