Roswell: New Mexico was better than it had any business being

Roswell: New Mexico has done what most reboots haven't.

Formula 1 and their drive to survive

Drive to Survive is a brilliant behind the scenes look at the world's top motorsport. But can a Netflix documentary help save Formula 1?

The Sad Life and Death of Jan-Michael Vincent

The saddest thing about the death of Jan-Michael Vincent wasn't that he may or may not have died alone. But that for an entire month, no one even knew.

Friends From College: The worst people on TV

The not-so-great people of Friends from College resonate so much because in the end, the majority of people in society are just like them.

Volkswagen: Lies, Cover Ups, and Average Cars

A scathing trip into capitalism's more sordid side, greed unchecked and uncontrolled, the show features episodes documenting ill-behaviour by big pharma, cartel banks, payday lenders and most relevantly, Volkswagen.

Do Not Pass HBO GO: A Game of Thrones Monopoly

A million people downloaded Game of Thrones on Sunday night, and none of them gave HBO a cent. Joffrey wouldn’t stand for such insolence.

Heroes Never Die

Enough time has passed for NBC to dust off its old superhero show, Heroes, and give it a new lease of life

Last Comedy Standing

Three seasons in and Tim Allen's Last Man Standing is still one of the funniest comedies on television. You read that right.

Lacking Intelligence?

CBS' Intelligence is an OK show that takes itself too seriously, falling short of comedic counterpart Chuck.

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