Confessions of the only* Milwaukee Brewers fan in Melbourne

It’s that irrationality and loss of all common sense that proves I’m true Brew. Not because irrationality and loss of logic is synonymous with Brewers baseball, but because it goes hand in hand with true fandom.

The Fall of Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun will probably never be inducted into the Hall of Fame and the Brewers have to accept the fact that the face of the franchise, our superstar, our beloved hero, is much less than we all hoped he would be.

Dwight Howard and His Merry Band of Clowns

So how does Dwight Howard fare? Well, once again he is the King in his court of jesters

Never Be Like Mike

LeBron James will never be as good as Michael Jordan.

The Greatest Baseball Documentary Ever Made

It is perhaps an answerless question, “which baseball documentary is the best of all time?” but one whose labor is very much the reward itself.

Growing Up Without Sports

I remember standing out in leftfield in Williamsport and thinking just how beautiful the ballpark was. The clean cut grass blanketed by the cool...

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