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Nightmarathons, “Waiting Rooms”, and rock n’ roll

The Steel city, home to America's industrial heritage, and home to melodic punk rockers Nightmarathons.

Trailer watch: Framing John Delorean

Are you surprised that a feature film hasn't been made about John Delorean? It's the question posed in the trailer for the upcoming documentary/film hybrid Framing John Delorean.

“Ache” with Youth Fountain

Youth Fountain, Vancouver's own pop-tinged punk band, are releasing their new album Letters to Our Former Selves today, along with the video for "Ache".

Barrie and their “Darjeeling” dream

Brooklyn pop band Barrie are a beautiful mix of pop's many shimmering textures. In the lead up to the release of their new album, they have premiered the video for the track "Darjeeling".

TV Coma sign deal, “Have a Party”

UK foursome TV Coma have inked a deal with Wiretap Records in LA and are having a party! The band will release their new EP Body Negativity on May 31st and have revealed the video for "Have a Party"

Scatter the Rats! L7 “Burn Baby”

We're getting a new L7 record. The band have released the new single "Burn Baby" in anticipation of their new record, Scatter the Rats.

Defeater and all the “Mothers’ Sons”

Boston hardcore act Defeater have announced details of their upcoming album. They have also released the first song from the record, titled "Mothers' Sons".

Trailer watch: Bolden

Bolden is the upcoming biopic about the life of Buddy Bolden, here is the trailer.

Heart Attack Man and “Fake Blood”

Cleveland, Ohio. Home to Heart Attack Man. Home to fun bands and weird music videos.

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