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Six Days and 20 Years of Explosions in the Sky

When I’m stone cold and just want to feel something, anything, Explosions in the Sky and "Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean" is what I turn to. I never want them to let me go.
Slowly Slowly

Slowly Slowly and their “Jellyfish”

Do you remember those times around the lake with your friends? Drinking beer on houseboats, soaking in the sun and hooking up? Melbourne indie rock band Slowly Slowly do. At least if you listen to their latest single "Jellyfish"

Thunderpussy vs the trademark office

Seattle rock band Thunderpussy are currently embroiled in a battle with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) in a case that will see some form of a resolution today, April 15th

Emerson Snowe reveals what it is to be “Human”

Brisbane indie rocker Emerson Snowe is anything but conventional. The new song/video "Human", is just a small example of his personality, his eccentricity, and his artful view on what it is to be human.

To Octavia debut “Made To Break”

To Octavia are here with their brand new single, “Made To Break”. Taken as the second single off their debut EP, Nocturnal, the fresh new Melbourne band are looking to let people know that they mean business.

Disintegrate With Me: When Converge covered The Cure

At first glance it may appear a strange combination but when Converge covered The Cure, it was one of the most inspired covers I’ve had the pleasure of listening to.

John Floreani debuts “Echoes”

John Floreani has dropped his brand new single, “Echoes”, and has announced that his debut album, titled Sin, will be out on June 7 via Hopeless Records.

Dave Hause and his “Fireflies”

Dave Hause has just released his latest track "Fireflies" from his upcoming album Kick. It is another fine slab of American songwriting.

Heart Attack Man reveal they’re “Out for Blood”

As soon as the opening guitar strums of their new song "Out for Blood" echoed in our ears, we knew that Heart Attack Man were special.

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