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Alt music roundup: Belle Haven, Between You and Me, John Floreani

Josh Hockey has got the round up of the new music making waves this week in the alternative/emo landscape; including new music from Belle Haven, John Floreani.

Chamberlain and “Some Other Sky”

Americana-influenced indie rock band Chamberlain have returned to release the new single "Some Other Sky", the band's first release since the 2010 single "Raise It High".

Deadlights are “Bathed in Venom”

Greyscale Records’ very own Deadlights have recently dropped a brand new single. The first release since their debut album, Mesma, “Bathed In Venom” is a gigantic sign that Brisbane’s Deadlights are about to take their music to the next level.
Slowly Slowly

Slowly Slowly and their “Jellyfish”

Do you remember those times around the lake with your friends? Drinking beer on houseboats, soaking in the sun and hooking up? Melbourne indie rock band Slowly Slowly do. At least if you listen to their latest single "Jellyfish"

Thunderpussy vs the trademark office

Seattle rock band Thunderpussy are currently embroiled in a battle with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) in a case that will see some form of a resolution today, April 15th

Dave Hause and his “Fireflies”

Dave Hause has just released his latest track "Fireflies" from his upcoming album Kick. It is another fine slab of American songwriting.

Downway are the “Wild Ones”

Now with their new album just around the corner, Downway have released "Wild Ones", another new cut from Last Chance for More Regrets.

Truth Club is “Not An Exit”

Hailing for Raleigh, North Carolina, Truth Club are prepping for the release of their debut album Not An Exit on May 3rd, and have recently premiered the title track

Nightmarathons ready to “Reset”

Nightmarathons release a new song. It's called "Reset" and following on from the terrific "Waiting Room", is another soaring, energetic slab of vagabond punk.

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