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Alt music roundup: Belle Haven, Between You and Me, John Floreani

Josh Hockey has got the round up of the new music making waves this week in the alternative/emo landscape; including new music from Belle Haven, John Floreani.

Pitstops on the Road Less Travelled: Revisiting The Wunder Years

We revisit indie/punk band The Wunder Years, their Pitstops on the Road Less Travelled, and the song "Vacations/Separations"; a near seamless blend of Kerouacan contemplation and road weary rock n’ roll.

Rise Above It All: On the phone with I Prevail

I recently got the chance to jump on the phone with I Prevail guitarist, Dylan Bowman, and was able to pick his brain about their new album Trauma, touring, making music, and how they marketed themselves starting out.

Avengers: Endgame is the near perfect conclusion to the MCU

What else could we have wanted after 11 years? Avengers: Endgame is every bit a tribute to its fans and the desires of a movie-going audience as it is a conclusion to its story.

Chamberlain and “Some Other Sky”

Americana-influenced indie rock band Chamberlain have returned to release the new single "Some Other Sky", the band's first release since the 2010 single "Raise It High".

Three days of Woodstock, an entire generation

PBS has unveiled the trailer for the upcoming documentary Woodstock: Three Days That Defined a Generation, a new documentary about the event that features previously unseen footage.

China’s Life Awaits are “Better Now”

Here we are, with Beijing's Life Awaits and the release of their new video for "Better Now". The band recently signed to heavy music label Famined Records, and "Better Now" is their first single for the label.

Trailer watch: Parallel Love and a band called Luxury

The story of alternative rock band Luxury is both familiar and fascinating. Now a documentary called Parallel Love will bring the band's unorthodox story to your screens.

Deadlights are “Bathed in Venom”

Greyscale Records’ very own Deadlights have recently dropped a brand new single. The first release since their debut album, Mesma, “Bathed In Venom” is a gigantic sign that Brisbane’s Deadlights are about to take their music to the next level.

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