Still Life – The Incredible Sinking Feeling

The Incredible Sinking Feeling looks great on paper, but fails in reality.

The Get Up Kids – Guilt Show

the Get Up Kids have become dilettantes of their own art; seemingly lost in an overwhelming wave of misdirection and desire to appease wanton listeners

Various Artists – Punk Academy Volume 1

Punk Academy Volume 1 is like most other punk oriented compilations; not really any good in terms of musical craftsmanship or dexterity, but for the label and bands involved, contributing a piece to the good ol’ DIY pie is a triumph in itself.

Liars – They Were Wrong, So We Drowned

They Were Wrong, So We Drowned is an unendingly dark, hypnotizing record that duly pummels their proto-punk influences into something discernibly unconventional, unmistakable and at times, awkwardly unlistenable

Einstürzende Neubauten – Perpetuum Mobile

Silence does indeed play a plentiful part in Perpetuum Mobile; coupled with its raving mad use of metallic resonance and more recognizable influences of bass, guitars and drums, the album is an experience on its own.

Bayside – Sirens and Condolences

On Sirens and Condolences, Bayside lacks any unique elements that can be called their own and show very little song variety

Hidden In Plain View – Hidden In Plain View EP

Is Hidden in Plain View essential? Not by any means, but when the rest of the herd are scraping the bottom of the barrel...

Phantom Planet – Phantom Planet

The real difficult decision to make is whether Phantom Planet sounds better flexing their rock muscles or singing mellower tunes.

Cex – Maryland Mansions

Maryland Mansions is an overly ambitious outing that makes for one painful listening experience.

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