Voodoo Music Festival 2004

The Voodoo Music Festival is a compilation of all your favorite music festivals wrapped up together with a strong southern accent and some good old Southern hospitality.

Complicated Shirt – Strigine

Complicated Shirt mess their way through ten songs of riotous, snotty, yet cleverly obnoxious garage rock

Drive-By Truckers – The Dirty South

Before you settle on that Velvet Revolver album, think about picking up any Drive-By Truckers record, because you're not likely to find a more accomplished and engrossing hard rock experience.

Paul Brill – New Pagan Love Song

Paul Brill has once again reached a plateau known to only some. And we are all but weary explorers shouting "eureka!" at the foot of great discovery.

Blanket Music – Cultural Norms

As a concept album, Cultural Norms works quite well.

Moments in Grace – Moonlight Survived

Moments in Grace's Moonlight Survived is a strong album, especially for a debut. Get your fist ready.

Various Artists – Dead and Dreaming: An Indie Tribute to Counting Crows

Not the case with this indie tribute to the Crows; Dead and Dreaming. Each band does an above average job of taking a classic song and putting just the right amount of personality into the song.

Kid Dakota – The West is the Future

If you've ever considered visiting Minnesota, Iowa, or my sometimes-residence of Indiana, let The West is the Future be your warning.

Collective Soul – Youth

Leave it up to the old vets in Collective Soul to show the latecomers how it should be done. Youth is a lean, low-carb rock record that spares the guilt and doesn't sacrifice any flavor.