Millencolin – SOS

What does the new Millencolin sound like? It sounds like a Millencolin album. A damn good Millencolin album.

Ryan Adams’ reckoning

For Ryan Adams fans who are able to reconcile the man from the music, the situation still brings up deeper ethical questions.

Postcards of Mayhem: Bad Brains’ “Banned In DC”

Bad Brains are the act I would choose to see live if and when time travel becomes possible.

All in a Daydream: Sonic Youth’s “Teen Age Riot”

Luckily your imagination will never be more fertile then when you’re a teen. Sonic Youth can testify to that.

Bec Stevens – Why Don’t You Just EP

Somewhere in the intersection of Bikini Kill and Rilo Kiley sits Adelaide-based Bec Stevens. Armed with razor sharp urgency and a soaring voice, her introspection-fueled music is both beautiful and devastating all at once.

Revolution Radio: Rites of Spring’s “For Want Of”

Despite its noble intentions, the Revolution Summer and its acts quickly died out after a year, yet within that short time it planted the seeds for the future direction of punk and indie rock. One of those bands to flourish during the Revolution Summer was Rites of Spring.

Punk and disorder: The influence and legacy of Maximum Rocknroll

After 37 incredible years seminal punk zine Maximum Rocknroll is bringing its print edition to an end. This is my story of how MRR influenced me.

Five Iron Frenzy – Engine of a Million Plots

Five Iron Frenzy continue their remarkable track record with songs still entrenched in their love of ska, rock and punk.

The Astronaut: An Interview with Lights & Motion

Chase the stars with Christoffer Franzen and Lights & Motion. We sit and talk about the album, the journey and the future.

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