Pitstops on the Road Less Travelled: Revisiting The Wunder Years

We revisit indie/punk band The Wunder Years, their Pitstops on the Road Less Travelled, and the song "Vacations/Separations"; a near seamless blend of Kerouacan contemplation and road weary rock n’ roll.

Sleep Talk – Everything In Colour

Adelaide’s own melodic hardcore/alternative act Sleep Talk are here with their debut album, Everything In Colour, and the album comes flying out of the gates.
Failing Up

This is L.A., Not Boston: An interview with Failing Up

LA-based punk band Failing Up have called the city home since their formation in 2015, and have found community and comradeship amongst LA’s punks. We chat to Failing Up.

Idlewild – Interview Music

The new Idlewild album, Interview Music, comes across as a little too same same, weaving in and out of a dream-like tendency to rely too much on a kaleidoscope of pop, 60s psychedelia, and tired melodies

Rise Above It All: On the phone with I Prevail

I recently got the chance to jump on the phone with I Prevail guitarist, Dylan Bowman, and was able to pick his brain about their new album Trauma, touring, making music, and how they marketed themselves starting out.

SPQR – Low Sun Long Shadows EP

Definitely not for everyone but a sound for the disenchanted to absorb. This is SPQR, and they’re delivering thought-provoking, stylish art rock. Four loud, unapologetic songs.

Cokie the Clown – You’re Welcome

Honesty and openness ultimately defines You’re Welcome. This Cokie the Clown album is 10 songs of gut-wrenching vaudevillian punk, as brutally laid out as a personal record can get.

August Spies – Corruption of The Human Heart EP

August Spies' Corruption of The Human Heart not only showcases Schlosberg’s full talents as a dynamic vocalist and songwriter but his ability to capture moments of deep sorrow in ways that make the listener feel inspired.

Advocates of Emotion: The legacy of Jimmy Eat World

Being a band who acknowledge emotion, who formulate songs tapered around the somber note and tone, Jimmy Eat World are mainstays. We look back at the emotional connection of their music.

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