Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once more on vinyl

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode, 'Once More With Feeling', comes to vinyl. We take the record for a spin.

Taylor Swift’s “ME!”: Too much candy, not enough soul

The new Taylor Swift song "ME!" is the musical equivalent of an inspirational poster in a high school guidance office.

CJ Ramone – The Holy Spell

CJ Ramone’s The Holy Spell is a fantastic punk rock record.

Barrie – Happy To Be Here

Happy To Be Here demonstrates the experimental nature of Barrie, leaving you to wonder what they can come up with next. It’s definitely worth listening during those times you want to escape the ordinary.

The Get Up Kids – Problems

After an eight-year wait, we finally have another Get Up Kids album. If you’re wanting to listen to something when you’re in the mood of ‘I want to complain a little bit about life but still get up and get on with my day’ then Problems is the album to listen to.

Break Free: An interview with Ten Foot Pole

Escalating Quickly is 11 songs that will turn skate punk upside down and inside out. We spoke to Ten Foot Pole guitarist, vocalist and primary songwriter Dennis Jagard about the band's new album.

Ten Foot Pole – Escalating Quickly

We will probably never see Descendents co-write an album with Queen, but if they ever did, just know that Ten Foot Pole beat them to the punch with Escalating Quickly.

Awaken I Am – The Beauty In Tragedy

Their sound is distinct and powerful, and staying true to that for The Beauty In Tragedy has made for a strong release that they should be proud of.

Downway – Last Chance For More Regrets

Last Chance for More Regrets picks up where they Hometown Advantage left off as Downway still write wonderfully melodic, up-tempo punk that takes cues from late 90s pop-punk.

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