Weezer – Weezer (Black Album)

Weezer (Black Album) is a pretty crap record. Don't get mad at us, we're just being honest.

Nude Shoes – Suburban Ceremonies EP

Nude Shoes' Suburban Ceremonies a short, but incredibly rewarding listen, one that leaves you in anticipation for what’s next.

Halogens – Happy Hour EP

Halogens' EP Happy Hour is 6 songs that show a band flexing their take on the influences that have shaped their music- with competence and poise.

Numbing Apathy: Deftones’ “Be Quiet and Drive”

Deftones have used tracks like "Be Quiet and Drive" and countless subsequent songs to illustrate what can be done when metal is combined with artistry and intelligence.

Spielbergs – This is Not the End

Norway’s post-hardcore/rock outfit, Spielbergs, have rocketed into that sphere with their debut album This Is Not The End.

Copeland – Blushing

Blushing is, without a doubt, a beautiful record. It shimmers yes, but the luminescence it shows doesn’t quite resonate as deeply as it once did.

Attila – Villain

Set to the tune of aggressive, in-your-face, unfiltered ghettocore, Attila is definitely an acquired taste and not for everyone.

Burnt Tapes – Never Better

Taking a page out of the Wonder Years playbook, London four piece Burnt Tapes are looking to carve their niche in genre that has seen some impressive releases over the last few years.

Millencolin – SOS

What does the new Millencolin sound like? It sounds like a Millencolin album. A damn good Millencolin album.

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