Paramore – brand new eyes

brand new eyes is perfect fodder for the Twilight generation, and one that cements Paramore as significant tastemakers for years to come.

Brand New – Daisy

Daisy isn't all bad. A very generous "pretty good" that comes with a 'caveat emptor.'

Evergreen Terrace – Almost Home

Evergreen Terrace come pummeling through on their fifth studio album with distinction.

Moneen – The World I Want To Leave Behind

The World I Want to Leave Behind is an incredible record. Don't let it go unlistened.

Boys Like Girls – Love Drunk

Much like the Cobra Starships and the 3OH!3s of the world, Boys Like Girls don't shy away from the massively accessible and commercially viable dance elements of rock music.

Alkaline Trio – Agony And Irony

As you would expect, Agony & Irony is not for every Trio fan. You’ll hear those grumble that they don’t write songs like “Goodbye Forever” anymore

The Getaway Plan – Other Voices, Other Rooms

Only a few years into their musi­cal careers, and these dandy gen­tle­men have more going for them than most will in an entire life­time. Stamp Other Voices, Other Rooms as essen­tial listening.

Goldfrapp – Seventh Tree

Seventh Tree is a little slow in parts, meaning it grabs you far less than they did in the past

The Loved Ones – Build And Burn

The Loved Ones haven’t quite written a classic yet, but they’re getting pretty damn close.

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