Somerset: Box Full of Sharp Objects

What started out as a side project has evolved into something much greater for Minnesota’s Somerset.

Funeral for a Friend: The New Black

Since they exploded onto the scene in 2003, Funeral For A Friend have gone from strength to strength

Copeland: Hold Nothing Back

Since their debut full-length, Beneath Medicine Tree in 2003, Copeland have never looked back.

Over It: Chasing Constellations

If timing is indeed everything, it has never been more perfect than right now for Orange County’s Over It.

Tiger Army: Battle Scars

Nick 13, vocalist and founder, contemplates the future of Tiger Army as both Fred Hell and Geoff Kresge leave the band within months of each other.

Saves the Day: The Vast Spoils of America

Chris Conley of Saves the Day gets personal and nostalgic with me about the individual hardships he faced during the early days of the band, the business.

Maria Mena – Sensible Pop

Maria Mena is steadily soaring to the height of modern music culture

Taken: Something to Believe In

Ray Harkins is the former vocalist for Taken and a veteran of the southern California hardcore scene. He amiably took time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for me.

Feels Like Home: An interview with Adam Fields

What also made Dawson’s Creek stand out, was its use of music. Each scene seemed to have the perfect song to go along with it. A large part of that was due to Adam Fields

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