Mustard Plug: Skankin’ Pickles

Rick Johnson and Jim Hofer of Mustard Plug sat down on plush couches a few hours before their set and gave me a damn good reason to proudly hail from the Midwestern Mitten.

Copeland: Assume Nothing

The personal depth of Aaron Marsh’s lyrics on Eat, Sleep, Repeat will be the soundtrack to agonizing, introspective late night drives.

Brandtson: Their New Aesthetic

Derek Spahr talks to Brandtson about their new record Hello, Control.

The Sound of Animals Fighting: Apocalypse Now

I don't know where The Sound of Animals Fighting are going, but I believe they are going somewhere.

Over It: Positive Progression

The consistent praise from the internet community has helped Over It rise throughout the ranks of the underground rock community with each subsequent release.

The Academy Is…: An Afternoon Delight

Hours after The Academy Is performed, Andy Mrotek -- better known as Butcher -- told me what it’s like to play the drums for a living and how his life of music came to be.

Teddy Geiger: All the Possibilities

Teddy Geiger has already released a major label record, appeared on a major network television drama, and toured the United States playing sold out shows- all before the age of 18.

Jolie Holland: All Her Love’s In Vain

The songs of Jolie Holland embody a folksy nature, with a twang of country, a touch of blues, the swing of Dixieland jazz, and a Cajun spice--something you may come across on the corner of Jackson Square in the heart of New Orleans.

Rise Against: Image is Nothing

With the release of their second major label offering The Sufferer & The Witness, Chicago’s Rise Against have cemented themselves as a punk rock tour-de-force

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