Video Interview: As I Lay Dying

Dennis Ludin sat down with bassist Josh Gilbert during their recent European tour to talk about what’s in store for As I Lay Dying.

Starting a Fire: An interview with A Day To Remember

We caught up with A Day to Remember guitarist Kevin Skaff and got some insight into the band’s work on their latest album.

All the Best Dreams: An interview with Codeseven

Like the breaking of a new dawn, the interstellar sounds of Codeseven have returned after a five year hiatus. Taking to the road once again,...

21st Century Digital Store: An interview with Missing Link Records

Regardless of genre- be it grindcore, metal, punk, hardcore, indie or hip hop, Missing Link Records is ground zero for getting your inside look at music outside of Top 20 Charts, music video hit shows and stadiums.

From the Heartland: An interview with the Blacklist Royals

We chat to Tennessee rock n' rollers the Blacklist Royals.

Show Your Teeth: An interview with Year of the Tiger

New York-based electro-rock act Year of the Tiger have been quietly making noise in a busy city.

Strangers in Fiction: An interview with Senor Senorita

Pulling a page out of the Postal Service book, Phillipines-based acoustic/lo-fi duo Senor Senorita create music by mail.

The Starting Line: Something Left to Give

For pop punk/rock act The Starting Line, it has taken two full-length albums and a pair of EPs to finally find their direction.

Jeffree Star: Queen of the New Age

Welcome to the phenomenon that is Jeffree Star: internet icon, boyfriend bandit, makeup mogul, and versatile VIP personality.

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