Can’t Knock the Hustle: An interview with Heart Attack Man

Heart Attack Man
If there is a band today that is firmly in-tune with their listeners, it’s Cleveland rock band Heart Attack Man. We chat to frontman, guitarist, and songwriter Eric Egan as they head out on the road in support of Fake Blood.

Return of the ‘Way: An interview with Downway

Reunions can be a tricky thing, but when you talk to Downway’s Dave Pederson, you can tell that this Downway reunion is about the important things- the music, the fans, and the band.

It Never Feels The Same: An interview with Never Loved

Never Loved just released their debut self-titled EP on Equal Vision Records, and in its 4 songs, blaze through the best sounding guitar-heavy alternative rock we've heard in decades. We talk to Cameron Knopp.

Perfect 10: An interview with Jeff Whalen

We spoke to Jeff Whalen about the new album, the difference between writing solo and writing for Tsar, his “perfect 10” records, working with producers like Rob Cavallo and Linus of Hollywood, and how he got into this crazy thing called “rock n’ roll”.

They Will Be Heard: An interview with Ogoshi Rebels

Born from their love of 80s hardcore, Kuala Lumpur hardcore act Ogoshi Rebels have been flying the flag for international DIY punk for a few years now.

The New Year: An interview with Nude Shoes

Like any good redemption story, it’s filled with introspection, pain and hope. And like any good redemption story, it’s only the beginning. We spoke to Andy about his new band and what’s in store for Nude Shoes.

The Astronaut: An Interview with Lights & Motion

Chase the stars with Christoffer Franzen and Lights & Motion. We sit and talk about the album, the journey and the future.

Run, Forest: An interview with Vance Joy

You might not know the name James Keogh, but I’m hella sure you would have heard of Vance Joy

Cooking in the Kitchen: An interview with Edward Sharpe & The...

When you think of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros what comes to mind? Transcendent dreamy desert scenes, billowing peasant skirts and beards so majestic you could just cry at their beauty? Check, check and check