CJ is a Punk Rocker: An interview with CJ Ramone

CJ Ramone has just released his fourth studio album The Holy Spell on Fat Wreck Chords, an album we called “one of the best punk rock records of the year”. We have a chat.

Employed To Serve – Eternal Forward Motion

Eternal Forward Motion offers a unique perspective on a heavy sound. As a new listener of Employed to Serve, I was taken aback by how effectively they could make it their own.

Thousand Oaks – Bound For Destruction

On this release from Italian melodic hardcore act Thousand Oaks, we’re brought to the forefront of intensity. The riffs are plentiful and the melody captures the soul.

Malvina – Hybrid War

If Malvina is what Brazilian hardcore music is then I am certainly not opposed to listening to more of it.

The Beauty and Journey of Hellions’ 20s Series

Australian alternative band Hellions have written a series of songs that journals the band's history and growth. Josh Hockey explores.

Stars in the Streetlight: An interview with Aree and the Pure Heart

Aree and the Pure Heart are a rock n’ roll band shining amongst the current crop of great American songwriters.

Ashrr – Oscillator

Ashrr's Oscillator attempts to push the confines of new-wave sounds into a more contemporary landscape and it is predominantly successful.

Charger – Charger EP

Listen to Charger when you need to kick some ass or listen to Charger when you want to turn the world off.

The Vaughns – FOMO

Treat your ears to the ever so joyful debut album FOMO by The Vaughns

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