Dan Vapid and The Cheats – Three

Dan Vapid and The Cheats new album Three is ten songs of pop-punk goodness that are so very good.

10 alt-rock albums from the ‘90s you should pick up on vinyl now

We’ve gone digging through the shelves to cherry pick 10 1990’s alt-rock and grunge albums that are well worth revisiting on vinyl.

Jeff Whalen – Ten More Rock Super Hits

Jeff Whalen knows a thing or two about writing a catchy song. The frontman for Los Angeles rock band Tsar has branched out on his own and released his debut solo album, Ten More Rock Super Hits.

Down By Law – Redoubt EP

Redoubt is a worthy addition to the Down By Law catalog. Its only real negative is that it is only three songs long and once you’re done, you’re left wanting more.

The New Year: An interview with Nude Shoes

Like any good redemption story, it’s filled with introspection, pain and hope. And like any good redemption story, it’s only the beginning. We spoke to Andy about his new band and what’s in store for Nude Shoes.

Teenage Bottlerocket – Stay Rad!

Stay Rad is 14-songs of snotty, silly, fun songs of pop punk melancholia that doesn’t stray too far from the Teenage Bottlerocket playbook.

Problem Daughter – Grow Up Trash

Problem Daughter are in no danger of becoming the status quo and Grow Up Trash demands repeated listens because you’ll get something new out of each one.

Zebrahead – Brain Invaders

Zebrahead continues to party just below the surface, not-so-quietly kegstanding the nights away; having more fun than anyone else. They always have, and listening to Brain Invaders, always will

Burn Burn Burn! – Chosen Family

Seattle’s Burn Burn Burn are a wonderful throwback to some old school, high-energy punk and Chosen Family is recommended listening.

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