Something Corporate: …making things happen (and the postcards home)

Kamtin Mohager chats with William Tell and Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate

Chamberlain: Sounds of America

Running through a range of beautiful compositions, styles and musical diversity, Chamberlain managed to capture the imagery of the lonely imagination.

Finch: Perfect Beginnings

In what can only be described as explosive rock, the music and personalities of Temecula's Finch have become prevalent entities in today's vastly popular contemporary punk scene.

Junction 18: As They Are

Some bands may have their ticket punched to greatness on the most technologically advanced ride possible, but as Junction 18 has proved, sometimes all you need to get from A to B is a sense of humor and a small orange cycle

Solea: Working Title

Having spent more than a decade with Samiam, Sergie Loobkoff has seen and experienced it all. We talk to Sergie about his new band Solea.

Paul Brill: Post-Country Heartache

Paul Brill has shown that you can experience the music industry, get courted by deep pockets and still keep the identity and enthusiasm that fuels his creative brilliance.

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