Max Bemis: I’m Real

Max Bemis of Say Anything is feeling great. So all those rumors about his health can be tossed out the window.

Eisley: It’s All Relative

While a typical night at a rock club involves rowdy anthems of rebellion and Pabst Blue Ribbon, an Eisley concert is a wholesome family operation.

Louis Posen [Take Action Tour]: Trust In Hope (Part II)

We speak to Hopeless Records/Subcity Records founder Louis Posen once again about the Take Action Tour

The Darkness: Like a Bat Out of Hell

It is safe to say that The Darkness are quite popular. Most bands take years to get to this level.

Valencia: Possibilities & Promises

Their full-length album is eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike, a record label has scooped them out of obscurity, and there is no stopping Valencia.

Paramore: Youth Gone Wild

Armed with youth, Paramore are grabbing attention from coast to coast.

JamisonParker: The Here And Now

JamisonParker may boast the least creative band name in music today, but this could all be on the account of the creative juices flowing through their music rather than their band name.

Houston Calls: Rising High

Houston Calls are still finding their way in the music world. The five-piece power pop act began in New Jersey and now find themselves on Rushmore Records, the sister label of pop punk flagbearers Drive Thru

Somerset: Box Full of Sharp Objects

What started out as a side project has evolved into something much greater for Minnesota’s Somerset.

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