Film Review: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon isn’t perfect, and its conclusion rather abrupt, but as a send-off for this franchise (for now?), you couldn’t possibly ask for a bigger, more ridiculously explosive final chapter.

Film Review: Super 8

There was always an aura to Steven Spielberg’s earliest film work; a magical storytelling tone above all else that made films like E.T. and...

Film Review: Skyline

Skyline isn’t a perfect venture but in its attempt to marry large-scale feel with gritty human complexion, finds itself comfortably straddling the line between the two types of alien invasion films.

Film Review: The Other Guys

Set to the backdrop of large-scale financial crime and scandal, the Adam McKay-directed The Other Guys is part buddy cop movie and part outrageous comedy sprinkled with dabs of absurdist action/drama.

The Expendables: The Greatest Movie Ever Made

Given the current cultural landscape we find our Hollywood in, The Expendables is indeed, the “greatest movie ever made.”

Film Review: Oil City Confidential

One of the most immediate things you notice about Canvey Island in the UK is its desolate, almost-lifeless visage. Adorned in...

Film Review: I'm Reed Fish

The inherent problem with people telling their life stories is that, most of them are pretty boring. For Reed Fish, this is not necessarily...

Film Review: Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone is one of the year’s best films and will most certainly garner Oscar nominations for directing, acting and writing.

Film Review: Superbad

Superbad is admirable, if only for its dual aims of creating the best teen sex comedy ever, and telling an honest story about coming of age, but it is not perfect.