Ryan Adams’ reckoning

For Ryan Adams fans who are able to reconcile the man from the music, the situation still brings up deeper ethical questions.

Punk and disorder: The influence and legacy of Maximum Rocknroll

After 37 incredible years seminal punk zine Maximum Rocknroll is bringing its print edition to an end. This is my story of how MRR influenced me.

Our Friends in the North: The Rise of Nordic Noir

It’s safe to say that the last few years have seen a steady rise in what can only be described as a worldwide fascination with Scandinavian drama.

Voiceless City: The Broderick and Promises Unfulfilled

It shouldn’t have ended this way. The Broderick are one of the best hardcore bands to emerge from Australia. The musician’s hardcore band.

Death Camp Tourism

If these three words create the same reaction in you as they do in me, then all this writing has been unnecessary: Death Camp Tourism.

Fear and Loathing in Castlemaine

A Savage Journey to the Heart of Aussie Rock & Roll with The Cosmic Psychos

Hating the Hitch or: How I Learnt to Get Over My Inadequacies and Love...

Christoper Hitchens' crusade wasn’t one against Christianity or Islam or Judaism. It was a life-long campaign to obliterate the human impulse towards faith, towards assertion made without evidence.

Searching for Greg Ginn

Why is Greg Ginn disliked by so many of the people that should be honouring him?

Talking Femme: Dissecting Cherchez La Femme

Perched atop a bar stool at The Penny Black, I couldn’t concentrate. I was waiting for Cherchez La Femme – a self-described ‘monthly digest of popular culture and current affairs from a feminist perspective’ – to start

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