Talking Femme: Dissecting Cherchez La Femme

Perched atop a bar stool at The Penny Black, I couldn’t concentrate. I was waiting for Cherchez La Femme – a self-described ‘monthly digest of popular culture and current affairs from a feminist perspective’ – to start

The Groupie Bandwagon

Sleeping with a bartender doesn’t make you an alcoholic, so why does sleeping with a musician make you a groupie?

The Saddest Song

Rouge and Blanc were OK, but I put my main focus on Bleu. It wasn’t the movie alone that grabbed my attention, but the music- a soundtrack by Zbigniew Preisner

The Repeat Binge

One song can change your whole perspective on life and when you’ve got the repeat button, it’s on.

The Truth About The Lies

When it comes to the question of truth. Does it have to be true?

The Fledgling State of the Contemporary Christian Music Industry

When people hear the term ‘Christian music,’ for the most part, they think of sub-par bands making lame, God-obsessed music. In a lot of ways, this is true.

Old Punks & Concrete Feet

Aside from landing at the planned location, the only other predetermined activity I participated in was the Nada Surf show.

TV Bad: Did We Evolve From Primates?

Why do we watch mind-numbingly dumb television?

Book Review: Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs

The problem with a great writer is that unless they are writing about something interesting and engaging, all their skill is going to waste.

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