To Take A Page: An Interview with Michael Cain

Having studied graphic design and clear-cutting his way up the creative ranks, Michael Cain is recognizing the potential in his talent. His skill is clear, his works affordable and subject matter delightful.

No Joy in Death: Margeret Thatcher’s after-parties in poor taste

The conservative party is doing all it can to consecrate Margaret Thatcher’s legacy in history as unequivocally positive, and in light of this, it’s important that voices of dissent are heard and remembered.

Book Review: The Sisters Brothers

The Sisters Brothers by Patrick De Witt is authentically Western.

Political Prop: The 457 Visa

So why, after almost no media attention, has the 457 visa abuse become such a hot topic amongst politicians, and the media who write about them?

Online Video Killed the TV Star

It may be no surprise to most that TV has taken a bit of backseat in recent years; though what should be a surprise is the 50% decline in TV viewership since 2002

Hating the Hitch or: How I Learnt to Get Over My Inadequacies and Love...

Christoper Hitchens' crusade wasn’t one against Christianity or Islam or Judaism. It was a life-long campaign to obliterate the human impulse towards faith, towards assertion made without evidence.

Harmony or Cacophony in Australia?

Multiculturalism is definitely an asset but at this phenomenal growth rate, the nation could be in for chaotic times in the years to come.

Soup du Jour

The reputation of French food as the best in the world was born in the development of haute cuisine in France.

To Have or Not to Have Overseas Recruitment

Priority must be given to locals first before opting for overseas workers

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