After the post-election hysteria life goes on

Social media is a hotbed for post-election hysteria that becomes tiring very quick. But amongst all the social media hysterics, life goes on.

All Talk, No Rock

Saving The Palace is a noble cause, but with no real tangible plan, its doomed to fail.

Why does Jack Johnson suck so much?

Why Jack, why? Why are you so unpleasant to listen to?

Making Sense of the Inevitable: The Rise of Abbott

Tony Abbott has become the 28th Prime Minister of Australia. How did it come to this?

Kevin Rudd’s open-ended boat policy

Is Kevin Rudd's aslyum seeker policy just a move to lure votes in the upcoming election and a mere political game?

Legitimate Thuggery: Reflections on a Cultural (down)Turn

Change is a cultural necessity, but let’s move in the right direction. It is to their shame that Australian public figures can act like thugs and be praised or rewarded.

Let’s Admire Julia for Once

Julia Gillard, who despite being the first female PM of Australia is a constant subject of ridicule by the media and public.

The Biggest Loser and the Decline of Western Civilisation

The Biggest Loser heralds the ultimate decline of Western civilisation.

No Joy in Death: Margeret Thatcher’s after-parties in poor taste

The conservative party is doing all it can to consecrate Margaret Thatcher’s legacy in history as unequivocally positive, and in light of this, it’s important that voices of dissent are heard and remembered.

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