All Talk, No Rock

Saving The Palace is a noble cause, but with no real tangible plan, its doomed to fail.

Why does Jack Johnson suck so much?

Why Jack, why? Why are you so unpleasant to listen to?

The Biggest Loser and the Decline of Western Civilisation

The Biggest Loser heralds the ultimate decline of Western civilisation.

Hating the Hitch or: How I Learnt to Get Over My Inadequacies and Love...

Christoper Hitchens' crusade wasn’t one against Christianity or Islam or Judaism. It was a life-long campaign to obliterate the human impulse towards faith, towards assertion made without evidence.

Still Lame: Vans Warped Tour Australia 2013

Warped Tour Australia is going to be a piece of crap.

Dwight Howard and His Merry Band of Clowns

So how does Dwight Howard fare? Well, once again he is the King in his court of jesters

Never Be Like Mike

LeBron James will never be as good as Michael Jordan.

The Groupie Bandwagon

Sleeping with a bartender doesn’t make you an alcoholic, so why does sleeping with a musician make you a groupie?

The Saddest Song

Rouge and Blanc were OK, but I put my main focus on Bleu. It wasn’t the movie alone that grabbed my attention, but the music- a soundtrack by Zbigniew Preisner

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