After the post-election hysteria life goes on

Social media is a hotbed for post-election hysteria that becomes tiring very quick. But amongst all the social media hysterics, life goes on.

Fighting Music Oppression in Indonesia

A coalition of artists fight back against RUU Permusikan, a bill aimed at curtailing artistic freedoms as art and culture continue to clash with Indonesia's religious state. But this clash is nothing new.

The Life-Changing Magic of Doing Just Enough

Instead of investing in Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, how about you aim to do the bare minimum?

Would you buy a car from a vending machine?

In the age of ride sharing and peer-to-peer car rentals, car buying seems to be stuck in the stone ages. New services are looking to...

Please keep your top on

What is the modern day purpose or appeal of the convertible?

Flying Class First

Flying on a budget has never been easier than it is today. More affordable with more options, the choice to find a cheap seat...

Unraveling a Hoax and Hoax Culture

How do we trust social media in the time of breaking news and why do people partake in hoax culture? The moments after Paul Walker's tragic death was another slight on the integrity of social media.

Book Review: Baseball as a Road to God

One of the most rewarding aspects of John Sexton’s Baseball as a Road to God is that while it is deeply theological, it fares away from being preachy and overtly evangelical.

All Talk, No Rock

Saving The Palace is a noble cause, but with no real tangible plan, its doomed to fail.

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