Living, Mostly

It’s hard to believe that it’s been close to 15 years since I first started an online publication. It was a steep but incredibly...

Rental Car Roulette

The open road, whether paved or untouched, is an intrinsic part of almost all human experience. Enshrined in books and movies, it is etched...

Save Ends – Warm Hearts, Cold Hands

Boston's Save Ends is a wonderful and energetic throwback to the glory years of early Vagrant-era post-emo.

Phoenix – Bankrupt!

They’re doing what M83, The Raveonettes and other bands have already been doing for a decade and those bands do it better than Phoenix.

Our Lady Peace – Healthy in Paranoid Times

Deeply motivated by today’s social climate, Our Lady Peace finds a smooth balance between enjoyable music, and deep-thinking lyrics

June – If You Speak Any Faster

June is overwhelmingly average, but at least they’re in good company.

Kings of Leon – Aha Shake Heartbreak

Don’t be deceived by “Southern rock” descriptions of Kings of Leon.

Film Review: In Good Company

Very much in the vein of About A Boy, In Good Company is a genuinely funny, sometimes heartbreaking trip into the male psyche, while softly satirizing the callous, unforgiving nature of corporate culture.

Jem – Finally Woken

The world of pop divas and mainstream music has waited for the arrival of someone like Jem, her debut album has not disappointed on the grand stage.

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