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What is the modern day purpose or appeal of the convertible?

You’re not alone, you’re just by yourself

Driving can be a welcome distraction from some of life's more difficult moments. Some use driving as an escape, a reflection on a current...

Volkswagen: Lies, Cover Ups, and Average Cars

A scathing trip into capitalism's more sordid side, greed unchecked and uncontrolled, the show features episodes documenting ill-behaviour by big pharma, cartel banks, payday lenders and most relevantly, Volkswagen.

Every last time

Gameface were always a band that seemed perfect just below the cusp. Their brand of pop-tinged punk was somewhere in between the melancholy driven emo...

For Holden, the future is now

Not too long ago Holden invited the public to attend several Drive Days at their Lang Lang Proving Ground. The Holden brand has of...

The Camaro is the quintessential machine for the American drive

With confirmation that HSV will bring the Camaro to Australia this year, there will be an inevitable glut of articles written about the car's...

Buying a car the right way

So you've decided that it's time to treat yourself to some new wheels and are a little stumped as to how to go about...

Love in the Backseat

Like the sweltering heat of underground rock clubs and the freedom of the open road, the Blacklist Royals are the personification good time American rock n’ roll.

The Hopeless Romantic

In 1999 I discovered an indie/punk band on my travels around Northern California called The Wunder Years. A perfectly monikered band for those who happened...

This system shorted out

We all have our favourite songs to listen to with the windows down. And whether they are established classics or contemporary entries, they are...

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