BurnThe8Track – The Ocean

Once upon a time, emo music contained emotions other than sadness. This particular genre doesn’t have to be all about sulking in one’s room after a break up or wearing your heart on your sleeve. It can be about any and all feelings, as it should be. BurnThe8Track brings emo music back to its roots with this, their second album, The Ocean. The emotions constantly change, winning over listeners’ hearts and minds. Dynamic and fiercely fun, these Canadian boys will take your ears for a ride and your mind on a feverishly fantastic journey; blending gripping guitar music with insightful, delightful lyrics as this band rises and soars high above the rest. 

“We Stand Alone,” a real sing along melody, definitely gets my vote as best song on the album; this song breathes life into a stale genre that has left many a fan feeling weary, emotionally spent, and listless. BurnThe8Track really provides one of the smoothest voices rock has served up in a long time. Lead singer Derek Kun’s breathtaking, echoey vocals blend perfectly with Jason Kun’s vibrant guitar playing. The song really captured my attention and I wound up listening to it repeatedly while reviewing this CD. Lyrically the best song hands down is title track, “The Ocean.” The words, “Turn to the ocean to wash the guilt away / Turn to the ocean to wash the fear away / Turn to the place you love to find the beautiful / Turn to the ocean / Escape the tragedy” smack of poetic beauty.

With their powerfully passionate, soulful rock, they prove themselves amidst a sea of musicians who call themselves emo. The vocals grab you and draw you in and the music makes you stick around until the end. If you want a change of pace and care to feel something other than emotional apathy, give this album a spin. You will find yourself glad you did.

(Abacus Recordings)

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