Burn Burn Burn! – Chosen Family

Seattle’s Burn Burn Burn are a wonderful throwback to some old school, high-energy punk; something that is becoming more of a chore to find these days. As the bands who ply their trade in 80s-influenced, 90s melodicore become increasingly difficult to find, the rewards when you do discover one, especially a good one, are returned ten-fold. Burn Burn Burn have released a bunch of material over the last few years, all recorded with the kind of intensity and rawness that you miss with a lot of today’s overproduced records. Their new full length, Chosen Family, is a much-needed dose of snot and attitude.

The tracks really are a breath of fresh air too. As you plow through songs like “Top Shelf”, “Gold Chains and Party Shirts” and the terrific “Sharks”, you are taken back to records by up-tempo, in-your-face bands like 30 Foot Fall, Bickley, and Diesel Boy. But when the gang vocal sing-a-long of “Road to Ruin” kicks in and the breakneck speed of “Fugure State” sends you spinning, you are most reminded of New Jersey’s BigWig. And that is a very, very good thing.

Burn Burn Burn seem to be unburdened by the weight of social consciousness that plagues a lot of the current punk bands (sure, it’s mostly confined to pop-punk of the field, but it’s exhausting). Instead, they sing about hanging out with their friends (“20th & Hendo”), dickheads at the show (“Nautical Star Fuckers”), and what sounds like a good ol’ fashion punk house community (my new favorite track “Nemesis House”). The exuberance and sometimes care-free attitude they sing with is such a welcome change from bands whose music seems to be in a constant state of soul searching, contemplating changing the world and all that blah blah blah that it’s a fantastic punch in the face that a band will just sing “fuck you”. Refreshing.

Chosen Family, soaked in razor-fast guitars, sing-a-longs, “woah woahs” and middle-finger attitude, is the kind of record you loved discovering from zines that left ink stains on your fingers. Recommended listening.

(Asteroid M Records / Tiny Dragon Music / Bypolar Records / Stars At Night Records / No Time Records) [yes, this was co-released by all of these labels]