Shivani Verma


Old Punks & Concrete Feet

Aside from landing at the planned location, the only other predetermined activity I participated in was the Nada Surf show.

Mike Park – North Hangook Falling

Quite frankly, Mike Park is the man. Do not take that statement lightly.

Sahara Hotnights – Kiss & Tell

I would still opt for Jennie Bomb, Kiss & Tell is a good effort… a less cocky, less abrasive, and less memorable album but a good effort all the same.

The Libertines – The Libertines

While not exactly a throwback from the days of The Clash, The Libertines are well on their way to making this dish a masterpiece, known and tried by all.

Mr. T Experience – Yesterday Rules

The fact that Mr. T Experience made it to my car was no mistake. I put it in there because it is so much fun.

Zero 7 – When It Falls

This latest effort from Zero 7 is amazing, intriguing, innocent, warm, sophisticated, and beautiful.

The God Awfuls – Next Stop, Armageddon

So while Next Stop, Armageddon isn’t groundbreaking, it is still worth a listen or a few.

Detachment Kit – Of This Blood

Of This Blood lacks a consistent feel. It refuses to be labeled with one pace, rhythm or sound.

Ben Kweller – On My Way

Ben Kweller's On My Way is good, clean, safe fun.

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