Ray Harkins


Breather Resist – Charmer

If you yearn for the days of bands booking their own tours and making enough money to get back out on the road, then listen to only one record this year: Charmer.

Endicott – The Words In Ink Don’t Lie

The initial impression of any record is usually the recording quality as sometimes not even amazing music is able to penetrate a horrible recording. The recording quality on this is almost unbearable.

The Hives – Tyrannosaurus Hives

Tyrannosaurus Hives is not a mind blowing effort, but kudos to The Hives for making rock music fun to listen to.

The Album Leaf – In A Safe Place

Cuing the best elements of Mogwai, Sigur Ros (even having a guest vocal appearance on a track) and Telefon Tel Aviv, The Album Leaf have created one of the most engaging records of the year.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2004

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has been happening for over three years now and is showing no signs of going anywhere

Eighteen Visions – Obsession

Not to say that Eighteen Visions have created something boring and cliché; but at the same time I would not feel comfortable in calling Obsession a “natural” record

Decahedron – Disconnection Imminent

With music, history can also be tricky. With Decahedron you have the pedigree of band members that were previously in Fugazi and Frodus

Respira – This Is Not What You Had Planned

Such as the case with Respira; a friend who is very jaded at most things that are new told me about this band that had hints of Waxwing and The Weakerthans but with an original twist.

Break the Silence – Near Life Experience

While Near Life Experience is not a disappointing record, it does leave plenty to be desired; and it was far less engaging than expected.

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