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Syd Barrett – An Introduction to Syd Barrett

I am sure there are many of you who don’t know who Syd Barrett was. Since his prime creative years are long past, you may not be aware that for a short period of time, he reigned as one of the great psychedelic songwriters of rock and roll antiquity.

Film Review: Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone is one of the year’s best films and will most certainly garner Oscar nominations for directing, acting and writing.

Eric Clapton – Complete Clapton

Complete Clapton, is a 36-song collection that begins with a quintet of Cream songs including “I Feel Free,” an atmospheric synthesis of blues and hard rock that still sends shivers up my psychedelic spine.

Crowded House – Time On Earth

Crowded House's Time On Earth is a very personal album about love and loss

Freer – Secret Chorus

Musically speaking, Secret Chorus serves up a fine course of melodically pleasing songs that are well arranged and imaginatively executed.

Unearth – III: In The Eyes of Fire

Unearth displays incredible musicianship and I am quite sure that fans of metalcore will not be disappointed by their intensity and earnest lyrical themes

Brian Setzer – Rockabilly Riot, Vol. 1: A Tribute to Sun Records

Brian Setzer has assembled a good collection of upbeat tracks that showcases his considerable talents as a musician.

The Ten Best Westerns of All Time

The Western movie was once the backbone of Saturday film fare and the symbol of simplistic American values, imprinting strong influence on my youthful male psyche.

Dinosaur Jr. – Dinosaur / You’re Living All Over Me / Bug [Reissues]

With the release of three vintage records by Dinosaur Jr, it is understandable to see why they once ruled the earth; or at least the indie world.

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