Mark McConville

I'm a freelance music journalist who has written for many online publications as well as print. I love music and writing in equal measures. I also love to be experimental with my writing, even when it comes to writing reviews or features. I like to write poetry and I post it on Instagram. I have had some success with my poetry and had it published online. I think there's a place for poetry and music journalism to come together and to create diverse work.

Thousand Oaks – Bound For Destruction

On this release from Italian melodic hardcore act Thousand Oaks, we’re brought to the forefront of intensity. The riffs are plentiful and the melody captures the soul.

SPQR – Low Sun Long Shadows EP

Definitely not for everyone but a sound for the disenchanted to absorb. This is SPQR, and they’re delivering thought-provoking, stylish art rock. Four loud, unapologetic songs.

Advocates of Emotion: The legacy of Jimmy Eat World

Being a band who acknowledge emotion, who formulate songs tapered around the somber note and tone, Jimmy Eat World are mainstays. We look back at the emotional connection of their music.

A Time To Stand – Light Years

A Time To Stand are revitalizing the punk spirit. They’re a band of crusaders playing music and traveling from one spot to the next, spearheading tiny revolutions.

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