Luke Daniel Rush


The Perishers – Victorious

Such is the case with Victorious, the latest full-length from Umea, Sweden's The Perishers, which while immaculate in its construction and execution, lacks a certain joie de vivre

Garbage – Absolute Garbage

Absolute Garbage (the Deluxe Edition in particular) as it is feels either indulgent, poorly conceived, or just plain gratuitous

The SoftLightes – Heart Made of Sound EP

Those whose souls rage and churn on a daily basis might be well served to give a group like The SoftLightes a listen.

Teitur – Stay Under The Stars

The emotional core of Stay Under The Stars is locked very firmly in the singer/songwriter tradition, trafficking largely in person-to-person emotions and direct, straight-line exchanges.

Film Review: Stranger than Fiction

Beneath the Charlie Kaufman-lite surface of Stranger Than Fiction lies a pair of compelling stories, one of which is clear to the eye and one of which is not.

Fields – 7 From the Village EP

7 From The Village shows off the skills of a band with an unmistakable youthful exuberance, but the wariness and chops to keep the proceedings under control while not strangling the zeal of their music

Pete Yorn – Nightcrawler

Pete Yorn may have sauntered off of the path for a brief spell, but this spin around his block shows that he's back on the wagon with a head of steam backing him up.

Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint – The River In Reverse

It could be easy to toss The River In Reverse into that steadily growing pile of "politically-motivated hurricane response" records, but it possesses the inviting spirit of an impromptu jam session

Zero 7 – The Garden

On their third full-length album, The Garden, British downtempo darlings Zero 7 play (or at least attempt) a little bit of addition by subtraction.

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