Logan Fewster


Film Review: Only God Forgives

Only God Forgives is a violent and hypnotic world created by a director willing to push the envelope and challenge modern mainstream audiences and studios.

Film Review: Melancholia

Melancholia requires some patience but features two deep performances from its absorbing leading ladies and is ultimately a rewarding experience at its memorable climax.

Film Review: Drive

Drive is an incredibly enjoyable retro noir with enough action and arthouse for cinephiles and Vin Diesalphiles alike.

Film Review: We Need to Talk About Kevin

Genuinely unsettling; We Need to Talk About Kevin dives head first into subject matter seldom spoken about but feared by most.

Film Review: Hanna

Hanna is the most distinct and refreshing film to hit the multiplexes this year. Known for his period dramas like Atonement, director Joe Wright has created something very ambitious

Film Review: Captain America – The First Avenger

Captain America certainly succeeds in introducing its title character to the world on the way to The Avengers, a film Marvel is obviously banking heavily on.

Film Review: The Tree of Life

The Tree Of life is purposefully challenging. Terrance Malick almost dares his audience to leave the cinema.

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