Kelly Schultz


Rise Against: Image is Nothing

With the release of their second major label offering The Sufferer & The Witness, Chicago’s Rise Against have cemented themselves as a punk rock tour-de-force

Rise Against – The Sufferer & The Witness

Rise Against, in The Sufferer & The Witness at least, manage for the most part to maintain a strength in each song which contrast the weaker parts

Whiskey & Co. – Whiskey & Co.

Though parts of Whiskey & Co.’s approach are somewhat disappointing, the album on the whole isn’t bad.

Stereolab – Margerine Eclipse

No, it hadn’t been switched with one of my aunt’s new-age relaxation tapes. No mistake had been made; this was Stereolab.

The Distance – Your Closest Enemies

If this is indeed the end, it is because of the new growth of bands like The Distance, cheap imitators who could never match up to their predecessors.

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