Josh Hockey

A young man based in Melbourne, Australia, that loves everything to do with heavy, punk, and alternative music.

Deadlights are “Bathed in Venom”

Greyscale Records’ very own Deadlights have recently dropped a brand new single. The first release since their debut album, Mesma, “Bathed In Venom” is a gigantic sign that Brisbane’s Deadlights are about to take their music to the next level.

To Octavia debut “Made To Break”

To Octavia are here with their brand new single, “Made To Break”. Taken as the second single off their debut EP, Nocturnal, the fresh new Melbourne band are looking to let people know that they mean business.

Yours Truly – Afterglow EP

Afterglow has allowed Yours Truly to broaden their horizons, and they will do great things off the back of this EP. Afterglow rocks and rolls its way into our hearts.

John Floreani debuts “Echoes”

John Floreani has dropped his brand new single, “Echoes”, and has announced that his debut album, titled Sin, will be out on June 7 via Hopeless Records.

Windwaker – Empire EP

Windwaker have already done some impressive things as of late, but I expect much more to come from them coming off this release

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