Joel Oliphint


Kings of Leon – Aha Shake Heartbreak

Don’t be deceived by “Southern rock” descriptions of Kings of Leon.

New Roman Times – International Affairs

Orlando, Florida isn’t exactly known for an explosive indie rock scene, but New Roman Times is determined to make its mark regardless.

This Day & Age – …Always Leave the Ground

This Day & Age is unabashed melodic rock, but the band’s edge is more rock than punk—like Copeland mashed together with label mates Lovedrug

Simple Plan – Still Not Getting Any…

Knowing Simple Plan's rags-to-riches situation makes Still Not Getting Any… even less believable.

Moments in Grace – Moonlight Survived

Moments in Grace's Moonlight Survived is a strong album, especially for a debut. Get your fist ready.

The Dears – No Cities Left

No one can say The Dears don't know how to play their instruments. The problem is that it doesn't necessarily make for good music.

Butch Walker – Letters

On his new solo album Letters, Butch reaches pop perfection, but with intensely emotional songwriting that avoids the pitfalls of a sugar overload.

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