Greg Moskovitch


Gogol Bordello – Pura Vida Conspiracy

It's really just Russian pop music and most would understandably write it off as lame. This leads me to believe that Gogol Bordello’s quality is really all in the novelty.

Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines is Robin Thicke’s most consistent effort yet, and that’s progress in anyone’s book.

Relient K – Collapsible Lung

I guess I’m supposed to talk about Collapsible Lung, but I’m not sure if I should really bother.

Fear and Loathing in Castlemaine

A Savage Journey to the Heart of Aussie Rock & Roll with The Cosmic Psychos

Black Milk – Synth Or Soul

What makes Synth or Soul worthwhile is the fact that Curtis Cross – the 29 year old Detroit native behind Black Milk – isn’t forcing you to make a choice.

Kid Cudi – Indicud

Indicud is a strange record. And not in a good way. It doesn’t intrigue or inveigle, it’s strange in a way that is off-putting.

Major Lazer – Free the Universe

The merit of Major Lazer is that it exists in its own sphere, removed far enough from the pontificating of either end of that spectrum

Phoenix – Bankrupt!

They’re doing what M83, The Raveonettes and other bands have already been doing for a decade and those bands do it better than Phoenix.

Melvins – Everybody Loves Sausages

There’s no word that would aptly express what the Melvins have done on Everybody Loves Sausages.

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