Gabriel Kalmuss-Katz


Zookeeper – Zookeeper EP

I like the music on Zookeeper’s debut enough to call this EP promising

Built to Spill – You In Reverse

Looked at in the context of the band’s history, You In Reverse reeks of staleness.

Face to Face – Shoot the Moon

The problem with Shoot the Moon can be summed up by the following piece of information: the song “Shoot the Moon,” despite being one of the best in Face To Face’s catalog and the name of the album, does not appear on the disc itself.

Castanets – First Light’s Freeze

First Light’s Freeze could be the soundtrack to your next ice fishing or snow shoeing adventure.

Stellastarr* – Harmonies for the Haunted

So to you, dance-rock fan who has not heard Stellastarr*’s debut album, I can wholeheartedly recommend Harmonies for the Haunted.

Longwave – There’s A Fire

Longwave have turned in a complex, heartfelt, experimental rock album that just feels massive, but never clumsy.

The New Rags – Take Jennie to Brooklyn EP

The New Rags a band simply too good to be labeled a gimmick.

Sufjan Stevens – Illinois

Illinois is a very bloated record, and I already have made a copy of the disc without the instrumentals, but that does not mean it's any less brilliant.

Overblown: 6 (Mis)labeled Grunge Bands Worth a Second Look

In the same way groups are getting swept under the current tag of garage rock or revival rock by lazy critics, I seek to expose grunge groups that were anything but.

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