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Maritime – Heresy and the Hotel Choir

It is impossible to hear Maritime’s third record, Heresy and the Hotel Choir, without the ghosts of the Promise Ring haunting your ears

Josh Ritter – The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter

Though it is not as polished as his previous effort, Historical Conquests is another excellent record by Josh Ritter

Eisley – Combinations

As talented as Eisley is at crafting pop songs, it’s the songs where Eisley steps out of their comfort zone that are the most rewarding

The Stooges – The Weirdness

As much as personal perception can influence facts, it can only go so far; in this case, not far enough to overshadow the fact that The Weirdness is terrible.

Bright Eyes – Four Winds EP

Bright Eyes continue inching closer towards a more traditional country sound on Four Winds.

Various Artists – This American Life: Stories of Hope and Fear

Everybody can relate to the experiences This American Life displays in Stories of Hope and Fear, even people who may not yet be an “old person.”

Copeland: Assume Nothing

The personal depth of Aaron Marsh’s lyrics on Eat, Sleep, Repeat will be the soundtrack to agonizing, introspective late night drives.

Bright Eyes – Noise Floor (Rarities 1998-2005)

What really matters is how good or bad the songs are; in the case of Noise Floor, the songs are surprisingly good

Brandtson: Their New Aesthetic

Derek Spahr talks to Brandtson about their new record Hello, Control.

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