David Walter


The Starting Line: Something Left to Give

For pop punk/rock act The Starting Line, it has taken two full-length albums and a pair of EPs to finally find their direction.

Teddy Geiger: All the Possibilities

Teddy Geiger has already released a major label record, appeared on a major network television drama, and toured the United States playing sold out shows- all before the age of 18.

Max Bemis: I’m Real

Max Bemis of Say Anything is feeling great. So all those rumors about his health can be tossed out the window.

Teddy Geiger – Underage Thinking

Well, with the deck stacked against him from the start, the youngster lets his music do the talking on Underage Thinking.

Paramore: Youth Gone Wild

Armed with youth, Paramore are grabbing attention from coast to coast.

Houston Calls: Rising High

Houston Calls are still finding their way in the music world. The five-piece power pop act began in New Jersey and now find themselves on Rushmore Records, the sister label of pop punk flagbearers Drive Thru

The Goodwill – Insult, Injury, Etc…

The Goodwill carries things out with fine precision in certain aspects, but Insult, Injury, Etc... is too much of the same.

Somerset: Box Full of Sharp Objects

What started out as a side project has evolved into something much greater for Minnesota’s Somerset.

Umbrellas – Umbrellas

Having been intrigued by Umbrellas and then listening to the album, it’s clear that sometimes, it’s a good thing to leave some of those details behind

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