David Nagle


Film Review: The Double

The Double is remarkable for just a second feature film and confirms Richard Ayoade as one of the most exciting directors working in cinema.

Film Review: Pompeii

Pompeii takes the best action and what have become Roman-period clichés and mixes them in with a good dose of destruction for good measure.

Film Review: The Armstrong Lie

The impression you get from Alex Gibney’s The Armstrong Lie is absolutely; that his only real regret was coming back to the sport and then getting caught.

Film Review: Nebraska

Nebraska fails to display the wit or perceptiveness of Payne’s earlier films, and while the finale is a nice touch, there is too much sourness left from earlier scenes.

Film Review: Philomena

Philomena is a wonderful, moving, surprisingly funny film.

Film Review: Prisoners

Jackman may be the big star draw for Prisoners, but it’s Jake Gyllenhaal’s more understated and complex performance that is the stand-out of Denis Villeneuve’s absorbing thriller.

Film Review: Rush

Rush perfectly captures the deeper essence and meaning of the Hunt/Lauda rivalry, as well as the inherent sex, glamour and action of the 70s sports setting

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