Cody Shaffer


Earlimart – Mentor Tormentor

If Earlimart's Mentor Tormentor suffers in anyway, it is from the usual symptoms of prolonged artistic gestation, namely overloading

Film Review: Superbad

Superbad is admirable, if only for its dual aims of creating the best teen sex comedy ever, and telling an honest story about coming of age, but it is not perfect.

They Might Be Giants – The Else

The Else is at least the most consistent album that They Might Be Giants have released yet.

LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver

The bottom line is that Sound of Silver is a fantastic album, and no one can do modern dance music quite like LCD Soundsystem.

Ozomatli – Don’t Mess With the Dragon

Don’t Mess with the Dragon stands out because it captures an already great band maturing and progressing, becoming better instead of treading familiar water.

Miles Davis – Cool and Collected

I suppose Cool and Collected in a Haphazard Fashion doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but it would probably be more accurate.

The Who – Endless Wire

The Who's mini-opera Endless Wire is an unexpectedly good release coming from a band so far along in their career

TV On the Radio – Return to Cookie Mountain

Tunde Adebimpe may be the only standout vocalist in indie rock today. You could argue for Antony as a possible rival,...

Anathallo – Floating World

Floating World finds Anathallo on the brink of receiving the nationwide attention they deserve.

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