Brad Abraham


Numbing Apathy: Deftones’ “Be Quiet and Drive”

Deftones have used tracks like "Be Quiet and Drive" and countless subsequent songs to illustrate what can be done when metal is combined with artistry and intelligence.

Postcards of Mayhem: Bad Brains’ “Banned In DC”

Bad Brains are the act I would choose to see live if and when time travel becomes possible.

All in a Daydream: Sonic Youth’s “Teen Age Riot”

Luckily your imagination will never be more fertile then when you’re a teen. Sonic Youth can testify to that.

Revolution Radio: Rites of Spring’s “For Want Of”

Despite its noble intentions, the Revolution Summer and its acts quickly died out after a year, yet within that short time it planted the seeds for the future direction of punk and indie rock. One of those bands to flourish during the Revolution Summer was Rites of Spring.

Voiceless City: The Broderick and Promises Unfulfilled

It shouldn’t have ended this way. The Broderick are one of the best hardcore bands to emerge from Australia. The musician’s hardcore band.

Black Flags and Idol Suicide

Black Flag, long revered as a trailblazing pioneer of hardcore punk and DIY ethos, has descended into farce.

The Biggest Loser and the Decline of Western Civilisation

The Biggest Loser heralds the ultimate decline of Western civilisation.

Searching for Greg Ginn

Why is Greg Ginn disliked by so many of the people that should be honouring him?

Basement – I Wish I Could Stay Here

Basement have fired a warning shot that they are a band on the rise and it’s exciting to think where their next album will take them if their development continues at this rapid rate.

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