Billy Ho

Influences: Screeching Weasel's 'My Brain Hurts', Kevin Smith movies, the Attitude Era.

China’s Life Awaits are “Better Now”

Here we are, with Beijing's Life Awaits and the release of their new video for "Better Now". The band recently signed to heavy music label Famined Records, and "Better Now" is their first single for the label.
Heart Attack Man

Can’t Knock the Hustle: An interview with Heart Attack Man

If there is a band today that is firmly in-tune with their listeners, it’s Cleveland rock band Heart Attack Man. We chat to frontman, guitarist, and songwriter Eric Egan as they head out on the road in support of Fake Blood.

Heart Attack Man – Fake Blood

'Fake Blood', the new album from Heart Attack Man, is brimming to the edges with attitude, spitfire spite, and a blast of humor and intelligence that make it a really irresistible listen.

Trailer watch: Parallel Love and a band called Luxury

The story of alternative rock band Luxury is both familiar and fascinating. Now a documentary called Parallel Love will bring the band's unorthodox story to your screens.
Slowly Slowly

Slowly Slowly and their “Jellyfish”

Do you remember those times around the lake with your friends? Drinking beer on houseboats, soaking in the sun and hooking up? Melbourne indie rock band Slowly Slowly do. At least if you listen to their latest single "Jellyfish"

Return of the ‘Way: An interview with Downway

Reunions can be a tricky thing, but when you talk to Downway’s Dave Pederson, you can tell that this Downway reunion is about the important things- the music, the fans, and the band.
Sword and the Wall

Failing Up – Sword and the Wall

A succinct six songs that leave you hungry for more, Sword and the Wall goes a long way in solidifying the appeal of Failing Up.

Thunderpussy vs the trademark office

Seattle rock band Thunderpussy are currently embroiled in a battle with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) in a case that will see some form of a resolution today, April 15th

Dave Hause – Kick

Kick is an absolutely wonderful album and Dave Hause has shown poise grace in his introspection. Hause’s work has the kind of magnetic resonance that solidifies his name amongst the current crop of greats.

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