Billy Ho

Influences: Screeching Weasel's 'My Brain Hurts', Kevin Smith movies, the Attitude Era.

They Will Be Heard: An interview with Ogoshi Rebels

Born from their love of 80s hardcore, Kuala Lumpur hardcore act Ogoshi Rebels have been flying the flag for international DIY punk for a few years now.

Blind Man Death Stare – Comin’ In Hot

Blind Man Death Stare are unabashed at who they are; no-frills, no-BS street punk. Their latest album, Comin’ In Hot, is as effective and enduring as a swift combat boot to the head.

Ghost Suns – Testify EP

French electro-pop outfit Ghost Suns are an intriguing pair whose music is best described as a cross between Goldfrapp’s lush beauty and the neon-soaked, downtempo beats of electronic music’s most melancholy corners

Truth Club is “Not An Exit”

Hailing for Raleigh, North Carolina, Truth Club are prepping for the release of their debut album Not An Exit on May 3rd, and have recently premiered the title track

Dan Vapid and The Cheats – Three

Dan Vapid and The Cheats new album Three is ten songs of pop-punk goodness that are so very good.

Murder In The Front Row: Thrash-Metal Parking Lot

Murder in the Front Row: The San Francisco Bay Area Thrash Metal Story is a new documentary by Adam Dubin telling the story of West Coast thrash metal.

Stranger Things 3: The music makes the trailer

Music is a big part of the success and lure of Stranger Things.

Jeff Whalen – Ten More Rock Super Hits

Jeff Whalen knows a thing or two about writing a catchy song. The frontman for Los Angeles rock band Tsar has branched out on his own and released his debut solo album, Ten More Rock Super Hits.

Grayscale kick drummer out for “If I Ever See You Again” video

Philadelphia pop-punk band Grayscale have kicked out their drummer* and forgot to tell him. Or so goes their latest video for the track "If I Ever See You Again"

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