Becky Fritter


Melvins – A Senile Animal

A Senile Animal is perfect in this state and out; very muddy, dirty, hazy, unhurried rock.

Jeffree Star: Queen of the New Age

Welcome to the phenomenon that is Jeffree Star: internet icon, boyfriend bandit, makeup mogul, and versatile VIP personality.

Dropkick Murphys: Forever Loud, Forever Proud

It’s tough to think of many bands who deserve more straight up respect than the Dropkick Murphys.

Mustard Plug: Skankin’ Pickles

Rick Johnson and Jim Hofer of Mustard Plug sat down on plush couches a few hours before their set and gave me a damn good reason to proudly hail from the Midwestern Mitten.

Heavens – Patent Pending

Heavens’ debut should command your immediate attention as nothing short of this year’s best work to date

Book Review: Manifesto – A Novel

Manifesto would seem like nothing more than a desperate, self-righteous attempt at capturing humanity. But it is real.

A Night with Strike Anywhere

Headliners Strike Anywhere finished off their unprecedented venture into Lansing, Michigan with a strong set.

The Groupie Bandwagon

Sleeping with a bartender doesn’t make you an alcoholic, so why does sleeping with a musician make you a groupie?

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