Ashley Lefor


JamisonParker: The Here And Now

JamisonParker may boast the least creative band name in music today, but this could all be on the account of the creative juices flowing through their music rather than their band name.

The Thermals – Fuckin A

Whatever genre the Thermals are in, they are important to it. Fuckin A is less than a half hour of catchy, pounding rock that can’t be ignored.

The Von Bondies – Pawn Shoppe Heart

Pawn Shoppe Heart is what so many albums strive to be. It is a rock album that manages to be catchy and yet doesn’t sound like an overproduced “garage band” record.

The Vines – Winning Days

Winning Days is saturated with hippy sounding rock scattered with a few mediocre rock songs to finish it off.

Phantom Planet – Phantom Planet

The real difficult decision to make is whether Phantom Planet sounds better flexing their rock muscles or singing mellower tunes.

The Rules of Dress Pt. II: A Guy’s Guide

A few easy tips that will have the ladies dropping at your feet and complimenting you on your choice of clothing without hindering your masculinity.

Alexisonfire – Alexisonfire

I haven’t seen Alexisonfire in concert, but my hope is that they boast some of this energy, because the incessant screaming has got to be good for something.

The Rules of Dress

It’s a disgrace. I know stereotypes are a bad thing and labeling should be a way of the past, but really...

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